Musings from Misha – What I Love About Spring


Gray tabby in a basket on a shelf
Misha in the shelf basket

Hi! I’m Misha, a Kansas City kitty, here to tell you a bit about why and what I enjoy about the emergence of Spring 2019. Since I was born in late April of 2018 this is really my very first experience with Spring.

Spring means bird watching

My wonderful human Mom has provided a few great things around our home that give me and my older sister Chloe the perfect environment. The first is our multi-level cat tree. Since Chloe was here first and is much older than me (she’s 11 years old and I just turned 1) we get along fairly well, as long as there is some space in between. I don’t want to be a mean mouth kitty, but she can be grouchy at times. Shhh, don’t tell her I said so.

A tortoiseshell cat and gray tabby on a cat tree watching birds
Chloe & Misha bird watching

I never knew there were so many different kinds of birds. Mom put out different feeders and a birdbath. We see red and yellow finches, black-capped chickadees, sparrows and wrens, and the last to come just before dark are the cardinals.

Anyway, this great cat tree allows us to each have our own perch to sit and watch the birds outside to big back window. It also has the posts covered with the sisal rope I love to scratch. Mom seems to prefer I scratch here rather than on the side of the sofa.

I like to scratch standing up on my back legs, on a vertical surface, while Chloe likes scratching on a flat surface. This cat tree gives us both places along with other scratchers Mom has added around the house.

Spring brings other animals too

The bird feeders also attract other animals that are really active and fun to watch. Squirrels are the best. Chloe and I make chirping sounds when we see squirrels at the feeders. This brings the Lucy the dog running, she has learned what it means when we make that noise. She stands at the back door and shakes all over. If Mom doesn’t come to open the door fast enough she begins to whine. When that door opens she takes off like a rocket and those squirrels jump about 4 feet from the feeder to the top of the fence to run away. Sometimes one will go one way and one another way and Lucy doesn’t know which one to chase. It’s all very exciting to observe!

There are even more animals that come out after dark. And after Mom is sleeping. There are raccoons, groundhogs, and once in a while even skunks. Mom doesn’t see them but somehow she seems to know when the skunks have been around. Maybe her nose actually works after all!

Spring flowers

I’m an indoors only kitty, but I do enjoy watching everything that goes on outdoors. When Mom goes outside I find the closest window where I can see her and try to understand what she’s doing. Lucy the dog usually goes out with her so I can watch her too.

Last fall Mom went out several times and dug holes in the ground and put little chunks into the holes and covered them up. Now that it’s Spring I know what those were, they’re called bulbs. They stay in the ground all winter and one by one in the spring they make flowers.

Pink and purple hyacinth blooms in a glass of water
Hyacinth blooms

First were the little crocus, white and purple. Next came the hyacinths, and they were pink and purple. Mom cut some and brought them inside. She says she likes the way they make the house smell. They didn’t interest me much.

She says next will be the tulips then lillies and last will be the peonies. I’m not sure why she gets so excited about these flowers but I guess after digging all those holes she’s just glad they grew.

Spring barbecue

Meat and chicken on the grill
Grilling supper

This is another activity Chloe and I can watch from our cat tree. It happens on the patio near the bird feeders but smells a whole lot better. Mom takes raw meat or chicken or fish outside to the black kettle on legs she calls the grill. After just a few minutes the smoke that comes out of that grill smells amazing. When she brings the food back inside she sometimes shares it with us and that’s about the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Chloe and Lucy think so too. What a great Mom we have!

So that’s what Spring means to me

There you have it. My musings about my first Spring. There are lots of different things to see, smell and taste in Spring compared to Winter. Although I can’t see all the different colors Mom can, I can sure smell the difference in Spring. The flowers don’t excite me but that grill is the best thing ever.

I don’t know what Spring means to you, so if you want to write and tell me about it I would like that a lot. Mom will read it to me, she promised.

Happy Spring from Misha!

(and KyleAnn)