Preparing your home 4 kitten play


There are some definite “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to the safe preparation of your home for a kitten.

Where’s my kitty?kitty in a basket

Kittens, by virtue of being small and curious, can find hiding places you wouldn’t have thought of in your wildest imagination. One of my own most frightening experiences happened when I couldn’t find my new kitten for an entire afternoon. I called and called, spent hours getting up and down off my hands and knees peering under every piece of furniture that was more than 3 inches off the floor – because they can also flatten their little bodies and army crawl with the best of them. Exhausted and nearly in tears, I sat down in my recliner, raised the footrest, and voila…there she was. She had crawled into the sling formed by that piece of fabric between the chair seat and footrest when it’s in the down position.

In the picture shown here another of my kittens had gone to sleep in the basket where the dog toys were kept. Once again calling and calling didn’t bring her running. Only once she awoke and made her little mew was I able to pick her out from the rest of the plush toys in the basket.

So remember, there is nearly no place too small for kitty to claim as her own for those all-important cat naps!

Spit that out!

There are several common human foods that if dropped on the floor you may think make a cute temporary plaything but could, in fact, result in a very sick kitty. Luckily most kittens won’t actually find these appealing. They may sniff, lick and bat it about but hopefully won’t ingest enough to warrant a trip to the emergency vet. Some of these items include grapes, raisins, onions and garlic cloves.

Multiple varieties of common houseplants or flower arrangements can also be the cause of serious illness, organ failure and even death in some kittens. Some of the most common houseplants include Diffenbachia, Sago Palm, Philodendron, Dracaena, Peace Lily often used around the Easter Holiday, and Poinsettia which are commonly seen in homes around the Christmas Holiday.

Some of the common flowers used in arrangements you’ll need to watch out for include Crocus, Lilies, Tulips, and Daffodils.

The varieties are too numerous to list here but it’s a good idea to know what kind of plants you have in your home and do your homework to learn if there are any dangerous side effects to your kitten from contact or ingestion of the plant stems, leaves, flowers or fruit.

A good resource to have handy is the ASPCA poison control phone number which is answered 24/7: 888-426-4435

None of these items should ever be used as a toy to tease or play with your kitten.

Cords, cords everywhere cords

Another item your kitten may be attracted to as a plaything are electrical cords, phone and charging cords, teething cords, cable cords…you get the idea.

Our lives today are ruled by our devices, but as we all know electricity and babies of any type don’t mix well. Kittens love to chew especially while they’re teething, and if the cord is dangling from the lamp, the computer on your desk, or the cable from the back of the teething it may remind kitty of one of her toys on a string. There are pre-made cord wraps that can bundle the multiple cords together in a wrap that is larger in diameter and stiffer to make them less attractive to a kitty.

Another alternative is to wrap them in black electrical tape to accomplish the same end. For some undetermined reason the light colored cords seem to be more attractive than darker colored ones, and larger diameter more rigid is less attractive than the small diameter and more flexible.

Safe play is happy play

In the end what’s most important is to ensure a safe home environment for your kitty, and a happy place for her to play with her human family and to be able to entertain herself when you aren’t around to play with her.






20 thoughts on “Preparing your home 4 kitten play”

  1. Hello Kyle and thank you for this great information.
    You have given us some really helpful tips for preparing for a kitten.
    I don’t think I would have even thought about tying cords up, even though it has always been said that cats/kittens are curious about everything.
    I really appreciate these tips.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks Lee Ann!
      I appreciate the kind words and am pleased to know you felt them worthwhile.
      If you have or are planning to add a kitten to your family feel free to come back with any questions or funny stories…all kitten experiences come with funny stories!
      Have a wonderful day!

      Kyle Ann

  2. Hey Kyle

    Great article. I actually didn’t know that some human food could make the cat sick. I will now be cautious about leaving food anywhere because before I assumed nothing about this.

    1. Hi Thabo!
      Thanks for taking time to stop by, and for your comments.
      Yes it’s scary to find out you may unknowingly be putting a beloved pet at risk. That’s exactly what motivates me to make this information available to as many people as possible.
      Have a great day and enjoy whatever pet you may have in your life, now or in the future!
      Kyle Ann

  3. It is very important to make your home safe before you bring home a little kitten. Cute as they are, they will go at electrical cords. I remember when we had a kitten, it got its paw stuck in some corded blind curtains and almost pulled the old box tv from the tall wooden cabinet, as the tv was on a little mat. Then the kitten who we called Nelson would scratch at the plastic material cupboard. So we probably didn’t prepare the home enough. But kittens are so cute and funny. This article would certainly help people bringing new kittens home.

    1. Hi Eden! Thanks for stopping by to view my articles.
      I appreciate your feedback about your experience with your own kitten. They can certainly keep us on our toes!
      Your guinea pigs are awfully cute too!
      Kyle Ann

  4. Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the info on how to make a place safe for kittens. I enjoyed the read, and I bet you must be having a lot of fun with the kittens.


    1. Hi Khalfish! Thanks for the kind words and for taking time to stop by the site. You are right, there is never a dull moment with a kitten around!
      Have a great day!

      Kyle Ann

  5. So many things to check out before you bring your new friend home. I have found a lovely spray at Wal-Mart that helps deter a cat from areas where you spray it. Since we had a thriving and quite large philodendron before the cat came into the picture it has saved countless hours of babysitting the area. We simply spray the area down every week or so. While we make plans to re home the plant.

    1. Hi Maryann! Thanks for mentioning the pheromone spray, it can be a real lifesaver. And thank you for taking time to stop by the site. I wish you many happy years with your cat.

      Kyle Ann

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