My backstory: our pets impact our health


It takes a lot of “get up and go” to keep up with an active kitten. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself so you can take good care of them. When I had health issues my pets saved me.

Are you worn out yet?Sleepy cuddle

After several times a day playing with your kitten to keep her active and healthy you may be wondering “how much longer do I have to do this…I’m TIRED”!

That may be a clue you need to start focusing on taking care of YOU so you can continue to be great at taking care of everyone and everything else in your household. As a sixty-something-year-old woman with 2 cats, a dog, and seven grandchildren I have learned the importance of keeping my own energy level up. If I get too tired to say…run the vacuum a couple times a week my carpet tends to grow its own fur coat. Not a good look.

There are several new activities I have begun to incorporate into my routine over the years. I’ve always been a believer in vitamins. Now that so much of our food is processed the nutritional content is badly lacking. Even “fresh” fruits and vegetables are grown in nutrient barren soil and picked so early for shipment they don’t have time to reach their full nutritional potential. Continue reading “My backstory: our pets impact our health”