What’s up with kitty litter?

So you think your kitty is not using the litter box correctly. There could be multiple reasons why, we will try to pinpoint some of the common issues here.

This litter stinks!litter

There are as many types of litter boxes and litter as there are breeds of cats. That’s a LOT, and there’s a reason for it. Cats have individual preferences in food, toys, and yes even in their litter boxes and litter. Some will prefer wide open boxes while others may choose to have a bit more privacy with a covered box. Some cats will prefer pelletized litter while others may like a more sand-like texture.

If you get your cat as a young kitten she will more than likely adapt to whatever you provide. She knows you as her keeper and protector and will trust your judgment. That means it is up to you to do what is in your kitty’s best interest.

A cat adopted later in life may or may not have developed a preference, which you will find out by trial and error. I suggest putting a washable towel or rug under the litter boxes. Kitties who don’t like their litter will sometimes hang over the side of the box instead of staying within its confines.

Some kitties will leave their deposits right on top and walk away, others will attempt a world-class excavation. If the sides of the box are too low, or the box is too small this could cause a major indoor sandstorm!

Sand and clay, paper and pine

With multiple kitties you need the same number of boxes as cats PLUS one. So for 2 cats you should have 3 litter boxes. If you have a multi-story home there should be a litter box on more than one level. For single story homes the boxes should be accessible in different areas of the home as opposed to all in one room. For just one kitty the boxes may be kept together. Continue reading “What’s up with kitty litter?”