Top 5 cat toys review

I’ve rescued and owned cats for over 50 years, calico cats, tabby cats, Persians, Siamese, mixed breed and pure breeds. The one thing all cats have in common is the desire for play. Here I’m going to give you the pros and cons on what I feel are among the top 5 cat toys available today.

#5-Friends Forever Interactive Cat Toy

Pros: This toy uses 3 “AA” batteries (not included), it will run for 15 minutes and automatically shut off, and it changes patterns so kitty doesn’t get bored just going in a circle. It also has 3 different speeds.


Cons: It is very lightweight (10 ounces) and while it works well for kittens a bigger heavier cat can easily knock it over. It is also on the higher end price wise at $25.


#4  Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Pros: I’ve had several of these turbo scratchers and they have been popular with both younger and older kitties. The cardboard scratcher at the center is replaceable and can be made more enticing with a sprinkle of catnip. I’ve had 2 cats in particular who became so adept with this toy they could stop it and change direction in a split second. I think they would have been ping pong champions! The price is right at just over $10.

Cons: The only con I’ve experienced is with aggressive clawing the bits of cardboard can get spread around the area of the toy.


#3 Petstages Tower of Tracks

Pros: This is another favorite. Similar to the previous toy it consists of 3 levels of balls in tracks. An agile cat or multiple cats can really get them spinning! There is a bar over the center hole so kitty can’t get her head stuck. Also reasonably priced at $11.

Cons: None that I’ve found.


#2 Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

Pros: I really like this toy which consists of different diameter tubes in a stand. It is sturdy, can be taken apart for cleaning, and can entertain more than one kitty at a time. I also like that it engages more than one of kitty’s senses. By placing a few treats in only a couple of the tubes kitty must determine which tubes contain treats (sight and smell), use her paws to dig out the treats (touch) and is rewarded for her determination with treats (taste). The price is a plus coming in at under $10.

Cons: None that I’ve found.


#1 Youngever 20 Cat & Kitten Toys

Pros:  This is an amazing collection of toys for kittens and cats. Included are a collapsible cat tunnel, teaser wand, interactive feather toy, fluffy mice and crinkle balls. There are enough toys to entertain 20 animals, and at just $12 this is a great value.

Cons: The only con occurs when you move the sofa to vacuum and find felt mice and crinkle balls everywhere! Other than that there are none.


I hope this list gives you some ideas about the great toys available on the market today to keep your kitty entertained and out of trouble!

Kyle Ann

22 thoughts on “Top 5 cat toys review”

  1. These certainly look interesting. I don’t have cats but my daughter does and she would love these toys! In fact the cat scratcher cardboard is something I used to make when I was on the cardboard business. I must forward your article to her. Thank you 😀

    1. Thanks Rob!
      How interesting that you are familiar with this toy from a different perspective! Thanks for you comment, and I hope this article helps your daughter find the perfect toys for her furry companions.
      All the best.
      Kyle Ann

  2. I’ve just got a new kitten and it’s fluffy and really cute, however, I’m still not sure which toy it will like the most. It is REALLY playful so I’m guessing that the Catit senses 2.0 digger since it makes the kitten use multiple senses at a time. Great idea!

    1. Hi Brandon!
      Congratulations on welcoming a new furry companion into your life. Yes the Catit senses digger is great for keeping kitty learning and entertained at the same time. Come back and let me know how it works out.
      All the best.
      Kyle Ann

  3. The Petstages Tower of Tracks looks like a winner to me. I can picture a little team of kitties all working on it together to spin it furiously 🙂 That’s definitely what I’ll be getting my neighbour who adores her cats. Thanks

    1. Hi Melissa!
      Thanks for stopping by to check out this article. Yes it is really cute to see multiple kitties playing together. Sounds like the perfect thing for your neighbor and her cats.
      Let me know how it works out.
      All the best.
      Kyle Ann

  4. Thanks for a really informative article!
    There are some great options here, I particularly like the sound of the Bergan Turbo Scratcher do you know if it is available in England?

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments.
      Is Amazon shopping available in England? If so the link on the picture should take you directly to the site where you can purchase.
      If there is a problem please let me know. I have tried to make it as easy as possible.
      All the best to you and your furry companion.
      Kyle Ann

  5. Wow! I’m all for entertaining my kitties! Well actually they entertain me when they play with their toys! I’m excited about buying them these new toys. I’m sure Whiskers and Creamsicle will love them!
    Thanks for sharing this information. There are so many toys to choose from that it makes it difficult to decide on what to buy. This helps me make a faster decision.
    I especially love your #1 choice. Large variety, lots of balls, and bright colors! Great price too!
    As for the con, their toys do seem to get lost under the sofa a lot, but there is a benefit to that. When we clean house and find them all, they think they have all new toys because they’ve been missing for so long.

    1. Hi Devara!
      Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments. You’re right, when we find all the “lost toys” from under the furniture they seem new again.
      I’m so glad you found the information helpful. Please check back soon for new updates.
      All the best to you, Whiskers and Creamsicle.
      Kyle Ann

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